Founded in 2002, Travel Directions is 100% New Zealand owned and, since inception, has supplied a diverse range of clients needs from corporate to leisure travel. Specialist areas such as group travel have also become a strong part of our business.

Travel Directions handles the travel needs of clients based in many countries around the world, utilising global contacts to obtain competitive fares from many points on the globe; and, although New Zealanders comprise the bulk of our business, an increasing number of clients in many countries seek our services.


Travel Directions is a shareholder in the First Travel Group www.firsttravelgroup.co.nz
The First Group gives Travel Directions scale with the buying power of a large franchsie turning over in excess of $300million per annum.

This scale gives Travel Directions the best fares with all the key airlines plus excellent rates for hotels, tours and sightseeing. We can access all this without compromising the independence of our operation or the personal service that is fundamental to our business philosophy.


Our aim at Travel Directions is to "provide the best possible personal service to our clients."

The use of the Internet has strengthened our place in the market place. Clients, like us, marvel at the myriad of information it supplies; but we can sift through the volume of unaudited and often confusing material available and apply our professional experience to ensure it is accurate and relevant to our travellers' needs.

Having said that, many heads and special prices - particularly airfares - are not available on the transparent platform the Internet supplies.

Our relationship with airlines and other principals ensures we get access to deals and conditions of sale that are often not published electronically and publicly - for obvious competitive reasons.

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